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12/13/2017 - Power restored this morning @ 4:10am. Winter Storm caused a branch to fall on the aerial wire to the house on 12/9/17 @ 8:30am. (all times local). All power to Modem, Router and Weather Station bridge was lost during this period, sorry for the inconvience this may have caused. We kept ourselves warm with a kerosene heater and gasoline generator to provide power for essentials during this time. Last post was only 38 minutes before the branch fell that took out power to the house. We were walking on the street you see in the webcam via Wunderground and only 200 feet or so from the house when we heard a crack nearby, turned around and saw a massive branch hit the electrical feed wire. That was not a fun moment.

12/09/2017 - Massive Snow Storm hit Marietta, GA last night. Was only supposed to be 1 inch max per the weather forecast, but turned out to be an accumalted 2.5 to 3 inches overall in the localized area of the weather station. Braches have been downed all around the house and surronding neighborhood. Cracking noises of said branches could be heard all around about every 5 to 10 minutes. Haven't seen any major damage yet, but about to take a walk around the neighborhood shortly. New Science Email: Detecting Exoplanets

08/10/2017 - Everything still going great with the Weather Station and Webcam. Still extremely stable. Will be performing seasonal maintenance on the station shortly when I blow off the pinestraw from the roof in the next week or so, or whenever these daily rainstorms allow the roof to dry out to a safe enough state. I also published a new science email: Time for the 'Great American Eclipse' Aug 21, 2017. Also feel free to check out my Writings Page for a list of all the science articles I've written.

06/15/2017 - It's been a while since my last update, sorry about that. Both the Webcam and the WeatherStation are both going strong with no human interventions required. The platform has been incredibly stable, which even after power outages, connects back to the network on its own and starts uploading data again autonomously. And for this update, I have included another Science Email: "Why are my veins blue, if my blood is red"?

01/08/2017 - Atlanta made it through the first Ice Storm of the year, relatively unscathed. Here is a great Timelapse of the Ice/Sleet event as it unfolded on webcam (compliments of Wunderground.com): WebCam Timplapse from 01/06/2017

12/31/2016 - Just in time for the new year I have installed a working Weather Camera. Still working the smaller bugs out of the system, but it has already proven itself quite robust even after a power outage and started sending updates automatically when it powered back on. WeatherCamera pictures can be seen here with daily merged picture video files: SnSWeather Camera on Wunderground.com

09/09/2016 - Firmmware on Weather Station has been updated and now has RapidFire updates to Wunderground.com. This means the station went from 20min updates down to 30 seconds to a minute between updates. This will make for much more realtime and reliable information during severe weather events. I am looking into replacing the Webcam by the end of the year and have taken down that feature until replaced with a more ideal setup.

05/09/2016 - Weather cam has been successfully operational for over 2 weeks now. Still have plenty of bugs to work out, but will keep it operating and working those out until I upgrade the current cam to a wireless IP Cam. I have also added a new science email: Spacex Does it Again!!!!! - But this time from GEO not LEO? (What the heck is GEO and LEO Tyler, and why is your subject line so incredibly long?)

04/23/2016 - Added a weather cam to my station. It's updating on Wunderground.com, though very slowly for right now, or you can click directly on this link for a near-instant picture of the current weather conditions. It's not perfect and has alot of reflection from the window shade, but I will be buying a better wifi enabled camera at a later date that I can place in a better location out of direct sunlight to get a better image.

04/09/2016 - Weather Station is now fully operational and has begun posting data to Wunderground.com . I still have some tweaks to make over time and the station is still going through its self configuration algorithms, so within a week it should fully settle out, but all looks good for now. Added some reinforcements to the permanent stand to ensure it safe. Will post any further updates as they become available.

04/08/2016 - Station Installed in permanent roof stand tonight instead of next morning. It's now 5 ft off the roof so that should make for a better temperature and wind reading. (I said 6-foot previously, but I need to subtract about a foot from the step up of the two roof angles. Will test the station and watch performance periodically today and then begin posting data online tomorrow if all goes well. Below is a picture of the station on the roof.

Picture of New Station on Roof

04/08/2016 - Received station and unpacked all the equipment and started the testing phase. Already installed the station on a test stand as shown in the picture below. After that I did attach it to a new permanent pole that will be attached to the roof that includes a 6-foot section that will get it high enough to be free of any wind obstructions for a better reading than the old station. Tomorrow morning I should be able to install it onto the roof if I don't run into any issues. If not Saturday, I should have the station fully checked out and installed on Sunday and will start posting data as I need to run it fully for a day before I go live with the new station for calibration purposes.

Picture of New Station on test stand

04/07/2016 - I have abandoned the idea of the Arduino based weather station in favor of a professional station that has all the features I was looking for in the same price range that the arduino would of been. The commercial version was a little cheaper, has been tested by many users and has a warranty for the parts. So price + dependability it what drove me going to a commercial solution. It will arrive tomorrow and I will start testing it in a ground stand before I reset all data and install it on the roof to begin taking live measurements. Will provide updates with pictures as they become available.

02/03/2016 - After 3 years of operation, the current weather station has bit the dust. I'm currently looking into building a new arduino based weather station over the course of the next few months and will keep everyone posted with updates on the progress of that project. In the meantime, however, I figured I would post some of my science emails that I send to my co-workers each month for fun as I like to share what I casually learn everyday with those around me:

Cassini Probe and the Warping Of Space Time
Einstien's Theory of General Relativity 100th Year Anniversary
SpaceX Land First Stage and why it's such a big deal
Black Hole's Part 1 of 2
Black Hole's Part 2 of 2
What are Gravity Waves and what is the big deal?

And two of my Power point Presentations (Slight issues with slide notations when exported to HTML) -

Spaceflight 101
Apollo 13 - Lessons Learned

03/11/2014 - I'd like to thank Wilpig for hosting the website on his server so we no longer need to use :81 to get pass the Comcast block. Thx Pig.

01/10/2014 - Hard Drive on primary server decided to take a nose dive and was no longer booting. Replaced the hard drive and was fortunate enough to be able to restore data from dying drive. 70% of station data was restored with minor downtime.

08/14/2013 - And.....were back. Had an electrical storm on 8/12 and house nearly got struck by lightning, but it was powerful enough to take out some of the electronics including the cable modem, router, tv and a bunch of other small things. Station unharmed and still reporting. Sorry for the lack of reports for the previous two days.

06/24/2013 - Station now moved to new location in Marietta, GA. Setting up server and station with new paramaters and will post new data viewer as soon as its ready.
Addendum - Server online and data posting. Station on temporary mount till a permanent installation is constructed.

06/03/2013 - Archived old Decatur, GA news updates into a seperate page.

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